FREE Crochet Pattern – Celtic Weave Blanket

I love the woven look of this crochet pattern design. It is so simple to do once you work through the first set of repeats. I used this stitch with a simple border to make one of my memory blankets for Project Sweet Peas, but you could make this blanket any size. Just be sure to start with a multiple of 4 chains + 3 chains to turn and that the beginning chain is the width you want the finished blanket to be less 2 inches to allow for the border.

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Celtic Weave Crochet Pattern for Blanket by Pattern Paradise

Charmed by Ewe has a really terrific video that demonstrates the technique and I would recommend viewing it before you start. Click here to view video.


Celtic Weave Blanket

Materials & Gauge:

You can use any size or type of yarn, choose a hook that is appropriate for your yarn. I used Red Heart Soft yarn and a US H/5.00mm hook for my memory blanket.


  • sc – single crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • BPtc – back post treble crochet – Yarn over 2 times, insert hook from back to front to back around the post of the stitch in previous row, yarn over and pull up loop (4 loops on hook), [yarn over, pull through two loops] 3 times.
  • FPtc – front post treble crochet – Yarn over 2 times, insert hook from front to back to front around the post of the stitch in previous row, yarn over and pull up loop (4 loops on hook), [yarn over, pull through two loops] 3 times.

I use what I call a Beginning dc to start each row. This is a modified dc and makes a sturdy, straight beginning stitch that doesn’t gap like a chain 3 would.

To make a Beginning dc:

Beginning dc tutorial.jpg

Body of Blanket:

Row 1: Start with a chain in a multiple of 4 and then add 3 chains, sc in 2nd chain from hook and each remaining chain (you should have an even number of stitches), turn.

Row 2: Beginning dc, *skip 2, FPtc in next 2 stitches, crossing in front of two FPtc just made, work FPtc in two skipped stitches*. Repeat between * to end, dc in last stitch, turn.

Row 3: Working from the back of your work, Beginning dc, BPtc first 2 stitches, *skip 2, BPtc next 2 stitches, crossing behind the last two BPtc made,  BPtc in two skipped stitches*. Repeat between * to last 3 stitches. Work BPtc in next two stitches, dc in last stitch, turn.

Row 4: Beginning dc, *skip 2, FPtc in next 2, crossing in front of two FPtc just made, work FPtc in two skipped stitches*. Repeat between * to end, dc in last stitch, turn.

Repeat Rows 3 and 4 until blanket measures desired length, ending with Row 4.


Round 1: *Chain 1, work 3 sc in corner, work sc evenly across side to next corner*; repeat between * to end, join with sl st to beg sc. Note: Be sure your stitch count between the center corner stitches is divisible by 6 + 1 extra stitch (example: 19, 31, 37, 43, etc)

Round 2: Chain 1, sc in same stitch, [*7dc in next stitch (this should be the center stitch of the corner), *sc in next stitch, skip 2, 5dc in next stitch, skip 2*; repeat between * to stitch before the corner, sc in stitch before the corner]; repeat between [ and ] to end, join with slip stitch to beginning sc. Fasten off.

Weave in ends.


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Lovely comments

  1. Joyce says

    I see in an earlier post that you commented this pattern would not look good in a variegated yarn. Wondering if anyone has tried it? I have a beautiful variegated yarn that I’d like to use but if the Celtic pattern won’t show nicely I’ll choose a different afghan pattern. Thanks for any input you can provide.

    • admin says

      I have not tried it in variegated, but feel that the texture and stitch definition of the pattern would be lost in the variegation.

    • admin says

      It’s just another way to make a beginning double crochet rather than the typical chain 3. I find this method is sturdier and provides a neater edge to work the border into. You can use a chain 3 if you prefer. The picture tutorial should help you to follow my method should you choose to use it.

  2. Michelle says

    Hi, I have a question and hope it’s not considered strange. I’m just curious. Have you ever or would it be possible to make this blanket in multiple colors???

    • admin says

      Yes you could, you would probably do one row in one color and the next in another. I’d love to see it if you try it!

    • Gail says

      Alternating rows of color would work well, but using variegated yarn for the entire blanket tends to ‘camouflage’ the beautiful pattern and texture of the piece. Those yarns are best used to add interest to simple stitch patterns.

  3. says

    Re Celtic Weave. I made a sample to show a charity that I make an afghan for each year for a raffle. It came out fine. When I started on the full size it wants to “curl up” lengthwise. any suggestions? Could it be the yarn (which is different than the sample but still a worsted weight) ?, could it be the hook size?, tension?. should I block it and see what happens? Or will putting the border on help it to flatten out? Thanks for you help. Love the pattern.

    • admin says

      Yes to all! I do think the yarn will have an impact. Make sure that your hook/yarn combination aren’t pulling the stitches too tight. The border and blocking will help.

  4. Anne says

    Hi, just found this on pinterest and want to make it, but I’m confused.. you say in comments to make a starting chain that is divisible by 4 and then add 1 for the turning chain, but your instructions say to add 3… which is it?

    Thank you!

  5. amy says

    thank you so much for making this pattern available for free for all of us! Its so beautiful and will be a perfect addition to my new daughter’s (arriving soon!) room and blanket collection :)

  6. says

    The back of the Celtic weave should it look like the front because my weave has a chain line through it ?i would like to see the back of your work thank you

    Joanne Gaumes

    • admin says

      Yes the two sides look alike, I don’t have any pictures of the back of mine at the moment. Can you show me yours?

  7. Jenneke says

    Hi, I’m Dutch and from Amsterdam. I love to crochet baby blankets, and this pattern will definitely go on my list. My blankets are mostly 60 x 60 cm (roughly 23 x 23 inches) and because I’m not selling them (I give them away to friends, familiy and charities) I have a question: will this sort of blankets suit the people of your charity, Sweet Peas? Perhaps I can send some over.

  8. says

    Seen it somewhere before but lost the info. I am so happy I found you and thank you so much for sharing it with us. My first and most important project for the new year. Absolutely love it and looking forward to experiment with colours. Wow.

  9. kjaa002 says

    I have started this blanket 4 times now but keep getting the same results. None of crocheting looks like it should (it all seems bunched up and bulky). Are these stitches supposed to be loose or tight? Lovely looking blanket that I would love to replicate :)

  10. Roseanne Salyer says

    I don’t know why other pattern makers don’t write patterns as easy to understand as you do. Maybe, you could give lessons? Thank you for this pattern, can’t wait to get started. I’m also making your little Christmas trees. Thanks, again.

  11. Leatrice Jones says

    This will be a wonderful pattern to pass down through my Irish Family, I have been crocheting for years and have made plenty of Afghans, for Raffles and Family ( 7 children) and Friends, this is one more to add to my pattern list. Thank you for sharing a FREE pattern for all of us who love to Crochet!

  12. cheryl woodruff says

    That is a beautiful pattern it will go with a blanket, sweater, anything that you want to do with pattern l love it.

  13. says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern! It’s already on my to-do list but I’m planning to use sport weight yarn. Here in south Florida, we like our blankets light :)
    — yaya aka mary

  14. says

    If I have 8 skeins of Red Heart fleck @ 260 yards in each how big would my afghan be and how many chains would I need? Love this and so want to make. One of the prettiest I’ve seen.

    • says

      Hi Sharon, I’d say you should be able to get about a 47″ square blanket. As for the number of starting chains, it would depend upon your hook and tension. I would just crochet a chain that is approximately 47″, make sure the number of chains can be divided evenly by 4 and then add 1 more chain. Good luck and can’t wait to see finished pictures!

  15. Upasana says

    Hi! Its a lovely pattern!!!
    Can you please tell me how to use it in rounds as i wanted to make a bag wid the same pattern?

  16. Jackie says

    Hi there, Is this pattern in American crochet terms please. As English crochet differs. IE: in English SC is double dc is treble and so on

  17. Laraine says

    It really is lovely and I’m going to try it in DK. Thanks for all the information and the link to a video. I do so much better when I see a stitch done!!

    • Laraine says

      Since it’s a tight weave, and I don’t like to second guess the pattern creator 😉 and I love this and want to make it as well, 1500 yds seems like it’s not enough for a 60″x60″ I’m really interested to find out the answer. I love this pattern!!

      • says

        You are correct, that is a typo and was the yardage from a smaller version I made. I would estimate it to be about 3000 yards. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  18. Diane Loraine Hatch says

    Thank you, I love textured crochet and as I’m also Celtic I’m definitely going to try this out

    • says

      Thank you and you CAN do it! Take a look at the video and take it slow for the first two or three rows and you will see how quickly it goes for you after that. Come back and share you finished projects too, we love to see them!

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